Control unit for DCN systems

Control unit for DCN systems

  • For DCN Next Generation or DCN wireless systems, or a combination of the two
  • In single‑CCU; maximum 245 wired contribution units, plus 245 wireless delegate units
  • For multi‑CCU systems, with up to 30 CCU’s and a total of 4000 contribution units
  • Voice activated microphone mode for wired and wireless systems
  • Ethernet connection for configuration and control computers


Description of the control unit for Bosch DCN systems

  • System for DCN Next Generation
  • System for DCN wireless equipment or the combination of both.
  • You can connect up to 245 units per channel to a single CCU.
  • By linking several control Units you can combine up to 30 units or 4000 delegate units.
  • Voice activation function of the DCN microphones.
  • Ethernet configuration.

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