Simultaneous interpretation
Barcelona / Madrid

Audiovisual Barcelona offers the possibility of rental simultaneous interpretation services in which the interpreter translates in real time the original content that is being communicated. In this way, the assistan receives the message instantaneously without the difference of language being a problem for the good understanding and development of the event. That is why the simultaneous interpretation service is ideal for meetings, conferences or seminars that are developed in different languages ​​and that require a communication and understanding of the fluid and instantaneous content.

The task of simultaneous interpretation requires rigor and precision on the part of the professional (interpreter), because it is not a literal translation of the words consecutively, but it is necessary to listen to the speaker, analyze his/her words in order to understand the message and carry out an interpretation , translating them instantly into another language so that we can reach the listener.

This professional service, combined with the best technology – fully insulated cabinets, transmitters, infrared radiators and high quality receivers make our simultaneous interpretation service the best option to cover any type of shows and events in which the language difference does not allow a direct understanding between communicator and public.

Simultaneous interpretation service in which the interpreter translates in real time the original content that is being communicated

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