Simultaneous translation
equipment rental

Rental of translation equipment / simultaneous interpretation.

The rental of simultaneous translation equipment is vital to carry out simultaneous translation or interpretation live. Different equipment is needed to compose a live simultaneous translation system. That is, it is the sum of equipment with different technologies that make up a unique, reliable and modular solution.

Rental of all equipment necessary for simultaneous interpretation / translation.

As we have already mentioned in the previous point, specialized equipment is needed to make a complete set. The equipment that make up a simultaneous interpretation system is:

How does the translation / simultaneous interpretation equipment rental work?

At Audiovisual Barcelona we have a rental service for all the simultaneous translation equipment necessary for the eventual installation of simultaneous translation rental systems, interpreter booths, simultaneous interpretation booths, analog infrared radiators, digital infrared radiators, simultaneous translation, Infrared simultaneous translation receivers, CCU and analog and digital transmitters. In the same way, we also have a rental service for all the additional elements such as sound systems and public address systems, large format projection systems, debate systems, video conferencing systems, We have ATA Passport for facilities outside the European community , we have Philips Infrared compatible equipment, Bosch digital infrared radiator, UHF Radio Translation.

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